Welcome to Charles Powell

Charles Powell is a unique and bespoke brand dedicated to the most personal client attention and synonymous with innovative and distinctive marketing. Born as a family run business, we have enjoyed exceptional growth to become one of the local market leaders focussed on results but never neglecting our principles of dedication to provide outstanding levels of service through the highest levels of communication.

“Having worked in the conventional High Street capacity as a Managing Director of a large chain of estate agents over the last 20 years, Charles Powell was my opportunity to ‘release the shackles’ and provide a modern, unique and bespoke professional agency that appeals to clients selling country estates through to first time homes.

This is a hardworking business operating 7 days a week, available until late weekdays with mature and experienced staff who are passionate about our clients, our property and our reputation. We strive to provide coverage and presentation deserving of your home and with our efficiency we are able to offer our dedication at competitive commission rates. I hope you find our website informative and that you will visit us again.”

Louis Powell - Managing Director